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Introduction of a new product

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846YAJIRO DEEPBALANCER born by Japanese special technique The athlete necklace accomplishes evolution more; "the world finally finds first-class balance"

"Why do the athletes not let go of 864YAJIRO?"

In recent years, the frequency "terahertz wave" in the region between radio waves and light, among electromagnetic waves classified according to the difference in frequency such as radio waves, light, X rays, gamma rays, etc., due to its excellent transparency, it is used for Inside inspection of substances, at the same time, it has been scientifically proven to penetrate deep into the inside of the human body to give various positive influences, and it has attracted the spotlight and its research is proceeding rapidly.

"YAJIRO Deep Balancer" is a product that radiates terahertz waves effective for the human body that made carefully selecting and mixing several kinds of special ores in the limited area Japan, we succeeded in processing and forming using extremely high temperature and special technique. As a result, the gear part "YAJIRO crystal" stimulates and activates all of the cells, raises body temperature, adjusts the water balance, and leads the condition to the optimum state.

Many of top athletes who wore 846 YAJIRO, mastering the limit of skill and power, senses of the body are being sharpened feel the effect more sensitively, will never let go of YAJIRO with wonderful mouth such as "the sense of balance is good" "I can firmly grasp the earth" "I feel relieved muscle and pain" "I got less tired" "I gained flexibility" " Sleep and waking up improved " and so on, That YAJIRO 's rumors spread quickly among athletes, now, It is loved by many top athletes including more than 100 famous professional baseball players.

846 YAJIRO improves various functions of the human body and returns the whole body to the best balance that matches the original self by eliminating and adjusting the "cold" and various "strain of body" which can be said as the root of all evil. It is the epoch-making "body balance item" that the world can pay attention to promote.

846 YAJIRO Deep Balancer to maximize the limits of human capacity. Please use it as an item to adjust daily physical condition and body balance.

※There are individual differences in indications for efficacy and effect and response to the body. It is not medical equipment / medicine.


846YAJIRO DEEPBALANCER born by Japanese special technique The athlete necklace accomplishes evolution more; "the world finally finds first-class balance"

8 series of 846YAJIRO Deep balancer

The 8 series is the 846 YAJIRO highest peak necklace that became the origin of the deep balancer that used YAJIRO crystal as much as possible.

It affects not only athletes but also everyone's usual physical condition management.
It aims at improving athlete's performance and rapid recovery of fatigue.
It was developed for people who are doing hard life work and professional athlete.
It contains seven components of 4 series necklace.

Deep Blancer 8 Series

4 series of 846YAJIRO Deep balancer

The 4 series realized that resonance transmission of the original effect of deep balancer can be achieved by arranging and mixing YAJIRO crystals in a balanced manner.

Like the 8 series, we aim to influence athletes' performance and reduce fatigue accumulation by influencing usual physical condition management.

It was developed for a wide range of age groups and athletes.

Deep Blancer 4 Series



Deep Blancer 6 Series



Deep Blancer 6 Series

Information 846YAJIRO

Company Profile

Corporate name  :Yajiro Co., Ltd.
Representative :Motoki Miyano
Establishment  :October, 2015
Business:Manufacture and sale of sports related products, health goods, etc.


abda Y8

「abda y8」

「abda Y8」is a product with the same features and technology added as deep balancer YAJIRO crystal We succeeded in ultra-miniaturizing YAJIRO crystal used in the deep balancer, then processed it at high temperature and to apply it for every use.

Products using abda Y8 have the same features as deep balancer necklace. It refers to the name of a product with a wide variety of uses, with the characteristics of YAJIRO crystal blended with the ingredients of YAJIRO.

It is a product developed by the original technology of Yajiro Co.,Ltd.
All products which adopted “Abda Y8” are marked with a logo.

To the customers who use 846YAJIRO product.

To the customers who use 846YAJIRO product.

  • We recommend that you wear 24 hours a day also at bedtime
  • Because special wires and fasteners of deep balancer are vulnerable to oxidation due to sweat and dirt, please wipe gently sweat and sebum with dry soft cloth after use in usual treatment. Please use it clean every day. When the dirt is conspicuous, lightly wipe the diluted neutral detergent on a cloth, gently wipe it with a dry cloth, then use it in a completely dry condition
  • Please keep to avoid air as much as possible to prevent oxidation.
  • Do not wear when deep balancers are likely to get wet, such as bathing and swimming. Because it is somewhat vulnerable to moisture, there is also the possibility of accelerating damage to the fasteners and wires. These deteriorations are related to the damage of the deep balancer. In case of breakage, we recommend you to change early fasteners / wires.
  • The deep balancer is very compatible with the shake and the sun's light, making it easy to react. We recommend that you wear it outside the clothing. Of course you can wear it on the inside without problems
  • Because we are using reinforced wires, the wire is hard at the time of purchase. It softens while using it , so please be relieved.
  • Fiber products such as stomach bands / supporters are also using silk as the material. Since silk is made of amino acid protein, we recommend that you push gently with a small amount of neutral detergent or shampoo, adjust the shape and shade as hard as possible
  • Some color fading may occur in textile products but there is no problem with products
  • Some people rarely feel uncomfortable in the body. These are the evidence that natural healing power works and it is starting to return to the original balanced body. If you do not feel better by any chance, please remove it and observe the situation, gradually extend the wearing time. Still feel uncomfortable, we recommend that you can receive a doctor's diagnosis (It is based on the result of our company wearing data)
  • Because moisture in the body is activated and the metabolism increases, please take moisture frequently
  • When detaching the necklace / bracelet, please have the fastener magnet and remove it. When it is pulled by excessive force, there is a fear that the wire will cut. So please be careful.
  • Be careful not to add excessive shock and heavy burden because it is made delicate.

★It is said that the deep balancer does not carry over fatigue and shows efficacy in body care.
Please feel good sleep and good awakening feeling.

If you have something please contact us anytime.

Yajiro Co., Ltd.
〒604-8267 187, Kajicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-Prefecture 1 Japan

After-sales service

846 YAJIRO provides after-sales service under the theme of long lasting relationship with customers.

846YAJIRO deep balancer locates YAJIRO crystal developed by an advanced technique in a good balance and uses 846YAJIRO original special wire.

  • Wire exchange 1620 yen
  • Magnet clasp exchange (including wire exchange) 3780 yen
  • Please contact us for other damage.

"Please be careful"
Shipping charge is a customer, you bear, so please take care.
Products by buying and selling individually and disassembled, assembled products are not covered by any warranty, and we can not accept repair, exchange, returned goods, so please pardon.

Yajiro Co., Ltd.
〒604-8267 187, Kajicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-Prefecture 1 Japan


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